Chris Hauth about endurance training (Rich Roll podcast)

"that daily check-in with yourself, when you spend some time with yourself, 45 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour and a half a day, over a week... that adds up to 78 hours where you are truly within yourself, your own breathing, your own heart rate, feeling your body move, elevating your heart rate by aerobic … Continue reading Chris Hauth about endurance training (Rich Roll podcast)


Mechanical Watches

(from an original post I did in LinkedIn) Art, high-engineering, handcrafted, contemplation, meditation, beauty... are some words and actions we need to look up for in a digital world. Mechanical watch-making and watches are one of the best reminders (and wearable!) of certain values we need to keep in a constant, fast consumption, disposable, digital, … Continue reading Mechanical Watches

The Future of Extreme Value

I've always been drawn to the idea that great design and high engineering is something important in life. Since I was a kid and because my father is an architect, I understood that good design in objects, clothes, architecture, is something that endures and provides a different level of experience. Then I realized that the … Continue reading The Future of Extreme Value