System One – IBM Q – Quantum Computing

IBM Q's latest innovation is IBM Q System One, the world’s first integrated quantum computing system. Learn about how we designed and built the system—and why it matters for science and business. — Read on


Seth Godin quote

“What could possibly be more important than your kid... please don’t play the “busy” card... If you spend two hours a day without an electronic device, looking to your kid in the eye, talking to them and solving interesting problems, you’ll rise a different kid than someone who doesn’t do that.” Seth Godin

Encontré una colisión entre Borges, Calvino y la arquitectura | Drawing — Alephograph: Architecture, drawing and video games.

Alephograph: Architecture, video games and drawing. The architectural projects and research of Luke Caspar Pearson based at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. — Read on