Artículo de Forbes sobre Ley Fintech en México

Después de muchos meses de versiones y debate, ya tenemos la Ley Fintech. Aquí te explicamos cómo está estructurada, qué sigue y qué factores serán relevantes a partir de hoy. — Read on



I had the opportunity yesterday to attend to Tech@Nite at the American School Foundation, this is the third edition and it's an event by and for the community of the school, but also open to anyone who has an interest in technology and it's relation to our every day life. Yesterday the guest speakers, who … Continue reading TECH@NITE @ASF

Sobre el documental de Deutsche Welle “How Trump Won”: Con el manejo (recolección, federación y uso) de los datos (Big Data) puedes hacer cosas para todos lados. Creo que en general (como en el video de The Third Industrial Revolution de Jeremy Rifkin) la tecnología, la analítica y el Big Data servirá para bien y … Continue reading

The World Will Get Better

I'm taking an introduction course in the Singularity University and although I would like to share and write about almost everything I've read already, this is worth sharing now. So without further ado here's the link: Why The World Is Better Than Ever and Will Get Better Still

Analog to Digital

I recently spent some time in Quora answering stuff about cycling, one of my passions, and I bumped into the "Analog" topic and found this answer which I really like, because in a very simple way it speaks about the importance of the analog in the digital and how they coexist. Here's the link: